We are

A creative boutique where attention to detail is our essence.

Based on this, we construct our working methodology with the constant aim to be different, creating innovative strategies to transform ideas into unique experiences. That’s the reason why we have standardized all our activities and made ourselves known as a creative consulting agency specializing in event organization and branding consultancy.


We create brands from their start through a storytelling technique and using concepts that grant a wide variety of values, ideas and meaning to the brand. The need to give added value to our clients’ new brands means that we must create everything that the brand requires. From its initial general idea to its final visual identity, passing through the different steps (logo, company identity formats) through visual media and verbal means (history, claim and intangible concepts).

– A comprehensive branding pack for company identity and design.
– We highlight the intangible values of your company, such as uniqueness and credibility.


A specialised content creator team that can work on any type of content. We have a dynamic and adapted structure for each project which allows for an efficient production based on the optimised use of resources guaranteeing perfect results. Catalogues, fashion films, company and product videos.


We transform places by creating unique concepts adapted to the latest trends. We dive deep in the brands and each client’s needs to make their wishes come true through innovation, differentiation and sophistication. We design and convert spaces into unique concepts looking to produce new emotions and communicate in a different way; in other words, to transmit.

We create projects which are different and special, with short-lived locations, pop-ups, shop in shops and charming places. At Mondolirondo we challenge creativity and help our clients reach their goals and satisfy their needs. We have a multidisciplinary team who manages the projects entirely from the conceptualization, localization and design of the space, to the technique used and the staging; an enthusiastic team that is passionate about thinking differently and new ideas. We create special places capable of surrounding everyone with a unique atmosphere.


Our Omniparse technology allows us to segment our entire trend-setter database into market niches. This has become a unique method which has not only given transparency to the influencer marketing market, but has also been able to optimise and increase our clients’ ROI, obtaining the highest return on the market.

– Over 67,000 trend-setters in 18 different categories
– A unique auditing report
– Conversion tools
– Over 400% result optimisation


Mondolirondo was born from the desire of brands for a different, renewed and close agency. We provide integral  communication with centralised services: on and off-line and social media. We design creative and personalised strategies. We work from the creation of new brands to the positioning of existing ones.

– Strategic communication and PR- Showrooms
– Brand consulting
– Digital strategies
– Product launches
– Product placement

– Content creation
– On and off-line media plan
– Social networks
– Influencer marketing strategy
– Cross-marketing
– Celebrities
– Clipping & reports


We have created a new event concept, creating unique  and memorable moments. We create imaginative experiences, adapted to each client. Our work is based on excellence from the very start, always working on the objectives posed by every client.  From the smallest customized action to the largest launching event, at Mondolirondo we adapt to clients’ needs and turn them into a visual event for attracting customers and gaining their loyalty.

– PR Team.
– Musical consultancy (national and international DJs, music groups, performances, etc.)
– Conceptualisation
– Creative direction

– Artistic direction
– Integral design
– Lighting
– Photography/videos
– Hostesses


Our clients inspires us to take our work to the next level.